Hanoi is not only famous for its beauty but also it attracts tourists by its rich cuisine with many mouth watering dishes which will make your stomach happily. 
Food-loving globetrotters, if you have a chance to visit Hanoi, don’t miss to try Hanoi Street Food. The best Hanoi dishes are not expensive yet tasty treats that can be found within Hanoi Old Quarter’s narrow alleyways and bustling street markets. You should spend some days in Hanoi to enjoy Hanoi food, eating your way through the hectic, motorbike clogged streets of Hanoi Old Quarter and don’t the same meal twice to try as much as possible delicious Hanoi street food here.
Here are top 10 Hanoi Street Food Tour you must try in Hanoi

1.    Pho Hanoi (Hanoi noodles soup)

          Pho is a familiar food of Hanoians as well as tourists. It is not only a dish but also a pride of Hanoi cuisine in the eyes of domestic and foreign tourists. Pho was invented in the early 20th century. Pho is appeared anywhere from steer vendors to restaurant. Some is served with chicken and some with beef but beef noodles soup is more popular.
Where to try:
You should try pho in some local restaurants in Hanoi Old Quarter such as Pho Bat Dan, Pho Thin, Pho Suong, Pho Ly Quoc Su, etc. The price for a delicious Pho is from 30.000VND to 60.000 VND

2.    Pho Tron and Mien Tron
      Visiting Hanoi, just spend 25.000 – 35.000 VND to try a bowl of Pho Tron or Mien Tron which are super tasty. Pho Tron includes rice noodles, bean sprouts, peanuts, beef or chicken, fried onions and herbs. Mien Tron is similar to Pho Tron but it is used glass noodles instead of rice noodles. This dishes are suitable with every people because it’s not fat and really delicious. We won’t stop eating it until the last piece!
 Where to try:
 You can try Pho Tron or Mien Tron in Dinh Liet street, No.5 Phu Doan street, etc in Hanoi Old Quarter.

3.    Bun Cha (Grilled pork and rice noodles)
       Bun Cha is a Vietnamese dish of grilled pork (cha), rice noodles and dipping sauce, is thought to have originated from Hanoi, Vietnam. Bun cha is served with a plate of rice noodles, a bowl of grilled pork and dipping sauce and a plate of herb.
There are two kind of cha: cha vien and cha mieng. Cha vien is made from lean shoulder which is softer than ham or butt, lean shoulder will be chopped and marinated spices, then grilled. Cha Mieng is made from bacon which was sliced, marinated spices and grilled. To make best Cha Mieng, pork meat have to have both fatty meat and lean. 
There are many local restaurants which served Bun cha but to make Bun cha tasty depends on experiences and secret recipes, especially the broth. The broth includes papaya, carrot, fish sauce, vinegar, sugar, etc. Bun cha will be served with herbs to reduce oily taste and raise guest’s appetite.
 Where to try:
You should try Bun cha in No.1 Hang Manh street or in Dong Xuan market alley in Hanoi Old Quarter, Huong Lien restaurant which Obama president ate before when he visited Vietnam, etc. The price is from 20.000 VND to 50.000 VND.

4.    Bun dau mam tom (Rice noodles with fried tofu and shrimp sauce)
      Visiting Hanoi, tourists shouldn’t miss “Bun dau mam tom” which is simple dish with rice noodles, fried tofu, shrimp sauce and herbs. Fried tofu is sliced into small pieces, deep fried so it is very crispy outside and soft inside. Shrimp sauce is mixed with sugar, lime, hot oil cooking, etc. 
Where to try:
You can eat Bun dau mam tom in anywhere from street side to restaurant in Hanoi. The price is from 15.000VND to 25.000 VND

5.    Pho cuon (Rolled Pho)
     Pho Cuon is one of the most popular and famous dish in Vietnam especially in the north of Vietnam. If you want to try the best Pho Cuon, you should try it in Hanoi.
In the summer, it’s really hot so people enjoy try cool food with fresh ingredients so pho cuon is one of the favorite food for tourists. 
Pho cuon is made from three main ingredients such as beef, bare noodle and vegetables. It is the combination of green vegetable like salad, bean sprouts, mint leaves, rice noodles. This dish is served with a special sauce which is made from fish sauce, chopped garlic, sugar, lemon juice, etc. 
Where to try:
You should try Pho cuon in West lake, Pho Cuon Ngu Xa or Dong Xuan market alley. The price is from 40.000 VND to 50.000 VND for one plate of Pho cuon.

6.    Bun oc (Snails rice noodles soup)
       Bun oc can be found everywhere in Vietnam and seems rather simple to cook. However it’s not all easy to make the best Bun oc, you need a well cooking skills because this dish is combined many spices and ingredients which have to selected and prepared carefully, and this will dictate the success of the cooking.
The snails must be fat enough, medium sides and yellow and cleaned carefully.  Bun oc includes snails, fried tofu, tomato, rice noodles, delicious broth, bean sprouts and herbs. 
Hanoi people have 2 different ways to eat Bun oc: hot and cool. It tastes very similar except for the heat. Generally, hot snail noodles soup is more popular.
Where to try:
You can try Bun oc in Quan Ba Beo in Hoe Nhai street, ba Luong in Khuong Thuong; No.530 Thuy Khue alley; Dong Xuan market alley, etc. The price is from 20.000 VND to 35.000 VND.

7.    Oc luoc (Boiled snails)
       In Hanoi, there are plenty of places sell oc luoc. Each place will have secret recipe to make their dipping sauce to attract customers. Snails are boiled with lemon grass, lime leaves to raise snails flavor. The dipping sauce includes chopped lemon grass, fish sauce, etc. This dish is served with cucumber, young mango or pickled fig. Young people in Hanoi really enjoy bun oc by its special taste.
Where to try:
You should try Oc luoc in O Quan Chuong, Hoan Kiem street, Dinh Liet street in Hanoi Old Quarter etc. The price is from 20.000 VND to 30.000 VND for one bowl of oc luoc.

8.    Xoi (Sticky rice)
        There are a lot of kind of sticky rices in Hanoi such as sticky rice with peanuts; sticky rice with bean; sticky rice with corn, etc or chicken, pork, shredded dried pork, Vietnamese ham, etc. You can eat sticky rice for every meal, from breakfast to dinner. Sticky rice is served with pickled cucumber to reduce the fatty taste.
This dish is the combination of a lots of flavours. Eating Xoi to have unforgettable experience!
Where to eat: You should eat Xoi in Xoi Yen restaurant in Nguyen Huu Huan street; De La Thanh street or a lot of corners of Hanoi Old Quarter. The price is from 10.000 VND to 40.000 VND.

9.    Lau (Hot pot)
      There are many kind of Lau which you can choose such as beef, fish, pork, frog, snail, chicen, duck, etc. Each kind of Lau will have different flavor and it’s interesting to discover them. It is served with a hot pot which has delicious broth inside and a stove. You will put vegetable, meat, etc inside the hot pot while eating. This dish is very popular in winter and suitable with a small group. 
Where to try: 
You can eat Lau in Ta Hien street in Hanoi Old Quarter; Cau Dien; frog hot pot in Giang Van Minh or Truc Bach, etc. 

10.     Ice scream
       Trang Tien, Thuy Ta, West lake, Lo Duc, etc are famous address for ice scream of Hanoians. There are a lot of ice scream flavors such as coconut, bean, chocolate, vanilla, etc. 
The price is from 7.000 VND to 45.000 VND 
             Be careful to eat Hanoi street food because you cannot stop thinking about it and try it again. Vietnam Eco Travel hopes that you will have an amazing trip and try delicious Hanoi cuisine!