My Hanoi Free Tour with two amazing German girls who made my day

My Hanoi Free Tour with two amazing German girls who made my day

It rained a little bit and cold today. Everyone just wanted to stay inside their house or office but nothing could stop me to go out and had a half day free tour today and so did my tourists. I went to my tourist’s hostel at 8:00 am to pick them up. Their name are Mei and Leni, two lovely tourists from Germany. They are student from a medical university. We introduced to each other and  discussed about our free tour today with some places which she would like to visit. Then we decided our itinerary was Hoan Kiem lake - Joseph Cathedral – Hoa Lo Prison – Giang coffee. Although it was continued raining a little bit, we didn’t care much about it because my tourists love raining and seeing the scenery when it rain. They used to walk under the rain in Ho Chi Minh city where was really hot.
Firstly, I guided them to Hoan Kiem Lake – The heart of Hanoi. It includes Ngoc Son temple, The Huc bridge, Turtle Tower, Pen Tower and the green lake. I told her about the legend of the lake, the history of those places. We took some photos there and they were interested in the legend of magical turtle in Hoan Kiem lake.


Secondly, we went to Saint Joseph Cathedral with the French architecture. We went inside and they really impressed about this cathedral. It’s larger than the churchs in Europe. Especially when the bell in this cathedral rang, they felt like they’re in Germany so they love being here.

After that we kept moving to Hoa Lo prison. I told them about the history of the prison and the criem of French colonists in Vietnam war. She seemed like very interested in Vietnamese history and felt sad about what French colonianist treated with Vietnamese political prisoners here. We talked a lot about it. 

Next we went to Giang coffee to try egg coffee which are very specific in Hanoi. Leni tried cold egg with matcha,  Mei tried hot egg coffee and they love both of them. We talked a lot about the different from the education between Germany and Vietnam and our life. We had a lot of fun so we talked for hours. On the way to come back their hostel, I recommend them to buy steamed sticky rice in “Xoi Yen restaurant” which is famous for it because they never try steamed sticky rice before and I hope they will like it. 
They’re really friendly, humorous and smart. I had unforgettable moments with them. Tomorrow they will go to Sapa by themselves so i hope that they will have wonderful trip there and awesome journey in Vietnam. Hope to see them around wherever on earth.